CES 2012: OpenMobile allows Android apps to run on any platform

Tired of being limited to just two mobile OS’s when it comes apps? Well, this may be a thing of the past. OpenMobile today announced its Application Compatibility Layer (ACL) technology that allows Android apps to run on any platform. This software ports more than 300,000 apps available for Android to devices running on other OS’s including Windows, Linux and more. ACL will support all tablets, eReaders, smart TVs, smartphones and connected cars. Not bad, huh?

The way this works is because of unique software the company says emulates the Android runtime environment so perfectly that every app runs like it would on an Android device. OpenMobile also claims that ACL will not drain any system resources such as power or memory, and most importantly, will not require any developer effort. No rewriting or modifying of code to make apps run.

This kind of software is not just great for consumers but for all manufacturers who make mobile devices because it allows them to compete in a mobile market dominated by those who have a plethora of apps. That said, I’m pretty sure Google won’t have any issues with this. I’m also sure that competitors (cough, Apple, cough) won’t approve because it’ll make phone makers more competitive, while elevating the search giant’s Android OS even higher.



  • quintus murray

    what is the point the most powerful superphones ARE ALREADY android based

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