Mike Daisey on This American Life: Where Siri fears to tread

This American Life host Ira Glass aired an excerpt from “The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs”, a one-man show from Mike Daisey that chronicles his journey to Shenzen, China. Intrigued by a set of iPhone photos taken by a Foxconn worker, Daisey flew to China to meet some of the workers who assemble these coveted Apple devices.

Unlike many journalists who travel just to visit the factory, Daisey went there to interview the workers and get their story – where they’re from, what they do in the factory, and whether they like their jobs It’s a gripping story that’s a lot more personal than other reports. It’s also very critical of Apple. Daisey wonders how a company that pays attention to even the smallest details can overlook such shameful working conditions.

The show is available on This American Life’s website and is about an hour in length. Daisey is also ready to kick off the second run of his one-man show that covers this trip and the impact of Steve Jobs on technology.

[Via This American Life]

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