Parrot AR.Drone2.0 to be unveiled at the CES?

Parrot AR.Drone2.0 to be unveiled at the CES?

Judging from the image above French Parrot will unveil a new AR.Drone at the CES. The tagline “AR.Drone2.0 Fly – Record – Share” suggests social element comes built-in, but we’re not sure whether the company will actually release a new quadricopter or simply update the software. We do hope a new model will be announced alongside compatible apps for all major smartphone platforms. Moreover, we’re eager to see whether some third-party companies managed to take advantage of the AR.Drone SDK to create some awesome games.

Aside from that image, we still have nothing else to report. We will, however, keep our eyes stuck to the wires and get back to you as soon we hear something new. Stay tuned in the meantime, k?

[Via: Engadget]

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