SK Telecom’s Heterogeneous Network Integration Solution enables up to 100Mbps wireless speeds

SK Telecom's Heterogeneous Network Integration Solution enables up to 100Mbps wireless speeds

Korea’s SK Telecom announced the successful development of Heterogeneous Network Integration Solution, a novel technology that enables simultaneous use of different types of networks such as 3G, LTE and Wi-Fi to ensure mobile data speeds of up to 100 Mbps.

For high-quality video streaming, Heterogeneous Network Integration Solution will reduce video loading time by more than 50% and eliminate buffering during video streams. Moreover, it will allow customers to get Wi-Fi access automatically upon entering a Wi-Fi zone, removing the need for them to search for Wi-Fi availability at each and every location.

SK Telecom plans to apply this solution to enable simultaneous use of 3G and Wi-Fi networks in Q2 2012 to realize a theoretical maximum speed of 60 Mbps service and begin LTE and Wi-Fi integrated service in 2013 to offer a 100 Mbps high speed wireless Internet service.

Furthermore, the carrier will launch the world’s first smartphone based on this solution during this year, and expects to apply the technology to all handsets to be launched in 2013. The end result will improve the overall 3G data communication environment for users as it resolves data traffic issues of 3G and LTE networks by increasing the use of Wi-Fi networks…

[Via: NewLaunches]

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  • Now… if ONLY Sprint would see the value in this and start deploying TONS of WiFi in most traveled places like malls, airports, parks, big-box retailers, supermarkets, buses, trains, and maybe even at mom & pop coffee shops.

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