BlueStacks will bring Android apps to Windows 8!

BlueStacks will bring Android apps to Windows 8!

BlueStacks‘ “App Player” will be compatible with Windows 8. Yep, that means you’ll be able to run all of those Android apps on your shiny new Windows tablet, ultrabook or laptop computer even though it runs the soon-to-be-released version of Microsoft’s OS.

Needless to say, the company is using CES to demonstrate this tech mumbo-jumbo on a Windows 8 Ultrabook. From the demo video, we see the application is made to sing along the new “Metro” user interface, making for an easy-to-grasp experience.

Aside from the new version announcement, BlueStacks also said it is actively collaborating with top PC manufacturers to offer BlueStacks App Player out-of-box. They haven’t named any names, leaving us a ton of room to speculate. Is it HP? Asus? Acer? Any guesses?

Finally, it’s worth adding that BlueStacks was named a CES Innovations winner for 2012. Their software is touted as the only program worldwide that can run native mobile applications that are ARM-based or x86, windowed or full screen, on Windows PCs and tablets.

And now the mentioned video, showing Android apps running on a Windows 8 PC. Enjoy!

  • Anonymous

    “…the mentioned video, showing Android apps running on a Windows 8 PC.”

    Someone musta drunk the koolaid ‘cuz the video shows nothing of the sort. It’s nothing more than a slick ‘Powerpoint’-style video.

    • Drew Nusser

      That’s what BlueStacks does though.  It allows you to play your Android apps on the PC.  There’s no lag, either.  Pretty crazy stuff.  If you haven’t tried it, I’d suggest doing so (Why not?  It’s free).  It even allows you to use your own launchers rather than their own, essentially turning your Windows PC or tablet into an Android one.  This might make me go away from the Android tablet idea and go for a W8 one instead so I can have the best of both worlds.

  • This is great news for Future Windows 8 Tablet Owners because it means their they have access to 400000 android Apps as well as the new Windows 8 apps that will be coming. Wow that is a win Win situation for Windows 8. Now this is the big deal How many Windows 8 OEM tablet makers will have that App on their  Windows 8 Tablet at launce The BlueStacks App is a must have App for an OEM selling their Windows 8 tablet to the Public. I hope Microsoft headquarters does not block this software because it makes their Windows 8 tablets very usable  a winner right out of the box until enough Windows 8 Apps are available for windows 8 Tablets.
    Yoo Dell , HP, Lenovo, Asus. Veiwsonic, Samsung HTC , and other Windows 8 tablet makers if you want to make some Money make sure you have a Bluestick App on your Windows 8 Tablet.

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