Intel scores Android smartphone deals with Motorola, Lenovo

Well, we knew Intel had some smartphone plans to announce when it showed off a reference smartphone at CES 2012 and the chip-making giant said it has struck deals to have Intel-powered, Android-based smartphones from Lenovo and Motorola on the market in 2012.

The chips used to be called Medfield but it is now called Intel Atom Z2460. During an on-stage demonstration during CES 2012, Intel said its chipset could offer a better performance than existing devices on the market.

The first device, the Lenovo K800, will land in China first, which is a huge and potentially lucrative market. Look for this to land in the second quarter with Ice Cream Sandwich and the other goodies you’d expect from a device of this class.

Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha also shared the stage and said it would be partnering with Intel on a multi-year, multi-device strategy. Seeing as how Motorola will soon be a part of Google, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that these devices will presumably be based on Android.

Intel has dominated the computing market for years with its x86 architecture, as the vast majority of PCs and all the Macs use its chips. But as we move into an era where smartphones and tablets are the main form of computing, companies like ARM and Qualcomm have been eating its lunch in the mobile space. This has allowed companies like NVIDIA to also grab a toe-hold in an increasingly-important market.

Even though some may argue that Intel is late to this, it has a ton of resources to push through its mobile initiatives and the Lenovo and Motorola/Google partnerships are quite positive. We can’t wait to put these Intel chips alongside the competition to see how it performs.

  • Anonymous

    I think a huge problem is how some Android tab manufacturers support their products.

    I have both iPads for my business, as well as a Galaxy Tab and Lenovo K1 for my personal use.

    iPad gives a total experience from a use and support perspective. 
    Samsung decently supports their tabs, but the support by Lenovo is one
    of the worst I have ever experienced

    For months they (Lenovo) have promised a USB host cable, but have yet
    to issue one (Samsung issued theirs some time ago for the Galaxy line).

    If I lose or damage my USB data cable, I cannot use a generic because
    it goes through their proprietary connector, AND Lenovo does not even
    offer it for sale.

    Where other manufacturers have at least given a yay or nay on ICS
    upgrades, communication from Lenovo is non-existent.  Look around the
    forums – especially Lenovo’s own forums, and you can see the plethora of

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