Samsung poised to become world’s largest cellphone maker in 2012

Samsung had a great 2011, a year which had the Korean-based manufacturer becoming the number 1 smartphone maker in the world. Now, the company is poised to surpass Nokia as the top cell phone maker in the world, a place Nokia has held for a remarkable 14 years. Samsung’s chief executive Choi Gee-sung is confident such a shift will occur. He told reporters in Las Vegas yesterday, that the company overtook Nokia in revenue terms in its latest reported quarter and was confident of topping the Finnish group in shipments this year.

This kind of confidence would suggest that Sammy feels like Nokia is going to tank miserably¬†in the future, and with its rapid growth compared to the Finland-based cell phone manufacturer’s steady decline — who could blame them.

“Considering how strong Nokia still is in the emerging markets, Samsung’s expectation seems to imply that Nokia will miserably fail in mature markets,” said Gartner analyst Carolina Milanesi.

Samsung has some pretty lofty goals and predictions that’s hard to argue. The company has been on a roll producing some of the most elegantly designed products on the market like: the Galaxy Tab 10.1, Galaxy Note, and Galaxy S II. Nokia, on the other hand, is on the ropes trying to re-establish itself.

[via Reuters]

  • Jon Garrett

    +1 for Samsung.

    Ive been a fan of their phones since 1999

  • Omicronomicron

    slightly disagree in your assessment. re: largest smartphone maker in 2011.
    according to gartner,, apple was the largest. tho samsung and apple have been running neck and neck in that regard, the data clearly show that in 2011 apple was larger in smartphones.

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