CES 2012: Ford Sync Applink new apps [Video]

We’re big fans of Ford Sync and its Applink feature because it intelligently utilizes the technology you bring into the car (your smartphone) to augment the driving experience. At CES 2012, we got a chance to hop in a car and check out some of the new apps in the Applink service.

The Ford Sync Applink works by connecting your iPhone or Android device to the in-car entertainment unit – Android devices can do it with Bluetooth but the iPhone has to plug in through a USB accessory port. The car interacts with the device to bring you content that you can interact with via voice or through the touchscreen in-car unit. The data transferring is handled by your device.

We had previously seen Ford Sync apps like Pandora but Ford also announced that NPR News, iheartradio and a handful of other apps are now available. We also got to take a look at the Ford Destinations app, which is an extremely useful way to get directions, find out about traffic and report accidents. Take a look at the video below for a few examples of the new apps.

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