Audi to use NVIDIA Tegra 3 processors in its vehicles starting from 2013

Audi to use NVIDIA Tegra 3 processors in its vehicles starting from 2013

NVIDIA won’t limit its Tegra 3 processor to mobile devices like tablets and smartphones (though we still haven’t seen a single smartphone boasting the company’s quad-core CPU) — they’re going for cars, as well. Audi is the first car company (as far as we know) that will integrate the powerful processor in its vehicles starting from 2013, with Tegra 3 powering up in-vehicle infotainment systems as well as new digital instrument clusters that replace traditional dashboard gauges. Both systems will utilize Tegra 3 “Visual Computing Modules” (VCMs), which include processors, memory and IO controllers, designed specifically for automotive applications.

The tight integration of these systems with the vehicle, as well as their simple user-interface and realistic graphics, will enable safer, more intuitive driving by providing critical information that can be easily understood with a quick glance.

Now that’s all cool but there’s only one problem – by 2013 NVIDIA (and other chip makers for that matter) will launch something even more powerful. I guess we have Audi rather than NVIDIA to blame for this. It [Audi] is not the tech company per se and is thus slower to adopt the latest technology…

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