Android port for HP TouchPad nears completion

We have good news for those of you out there who were able to grab yourself an HP TouchPad during the fire sale in hopes of one day running Android on it. The folks over at CyanogenMod have been diligently working to resurrect the dead webOS tablet, and their efforts seem to be finally paying off.

The CM team has been developing an alpha 1 and 2 build of its wildly popular CM7 platform, but with CM9 right around the corner it not only expedites the process but should make things a lot better on functionality. According to CyanogenMod “everything except the camera and video playback works and they’re ‘well on their way in terms of progress, and hope to give you something to play with soon.”

The aftermarket firmware makers have been on a roll as of late, recently announcing an impressive milestone of 1 million installs (combining both official and unofficial). These guys are really great at finding ways to innovate and bring new features to stock Android. CM not only revives older devices left in the cold, but frees them from their shackles placed on them by the overlord — manufacturers/carriers. This is clearly the case with their ongoing work with porting Android into the TouchPad.

Checkout the embedded video below of CM9 running on the HP TouchPad:

[via ZDNet]

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