Woz disses iPhone limitations, wishes it was like Android

You’ll often hear from people that the iPhone is just better than Android because it’s more polished, beautiful and the app environment is better but the counter to that is that Android gives you more flexibility and power. Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak still considers the iPhone the best but even he’ll admit that Google and its partners have surpassed Apple in many aspects.

“My primary phone is the iPhone,” Wozniak told The Daily Beast. “I love the beauty of it. But I wish it did all the things my Android does, I really do.”

In particular, Wozniak said the voice commands on Android were better, as was the GPS capabilities. You can make up your own mind about Siri versus voice commands but I think that it’s clear that the free turn-by-turn navigation on Android is an amazing thing which iPhone owners would love to have.

Wozniak also said that some Android things are more complex to do but not by much and that if you’re willing to work at it, Android can offer more for you. Knowing Woz’s engineering and geeky background, I guess I’m not surprised that Android really appeals to him. While Ice Cream Sandwich is more consumer-friendly than previous versions, I still think that iOS is a bit easier to use than Android but Google’s platform will offer users more power if you dig into it.

What do you think, friends?

[Via The Daily Beast, image]

  • S-p-ripper

    Sorry. When it comes to user friendly, multitasking and the interaction, the little, unknown OS from former Palm called webOS rules.

    • TRDRACER21

      sorry buddy u wrong!!! only 3 os now and that android ios and wp. webos is dead! hes right only thing iphone has is a nice design and thats about it!!!

  • airmanchairman

    What else would one expect from the Woz – he is the archetypal nerd-geek, once the foremost engineering font of knowledge at Apple and its founding father, or one half of its founding parents no less.

    He is THE prime example of Android’s appeal group, bar none. It’s no contradiction to say that Google’s engineering-based approach is more of a fit for his philosophy, and were he the dominating personal force in Apple Computer over the years instead of Steve Paul Jobs, that company would more closely resemble Google today.

    Whether it would have survived Microsoft’s relentless takeover of enterprise and desktop computing in the 90s is another question, or whether the widespread admiration, utility and sheer fun factor enjoyed by mainstream Apple consumers today would have ever happened at all is highly doubtful, given the geek-world’s anally-retentive disregard for ordinary mortals in their search for tinkering Utopia, for the Holy Grail of Perpetual Motion…

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