Asus: There is no 3G Transformer Prime

Asus: There is no 3G Transformer Prime

Want to the 3G-enabled Asus Transformer Prime? Well, you can forget about it – Asus said it won’t release a 3G version of the existing Transformer Prime tablet. According to FocusTaiwan, “no such product exists on its [Asus’] current roadmap.”

Now you could hope that the upcoming version of the tablet turned notebook, Transformer Prime TF700T, will get 3G radio alongside that more powerful 1920×1200 pixels display, but that’s just a speculation at this point.

Personally I don’t mind Wi-Fi only tablets — as a matter of fact I prefer them — but I know some folks who *must* be connected at all times. Don’t get me wrong (I’m one of those geeks), but I rely on my portable hotspot device to have a working hotspot around me at all times…

So what do you say? Do you need a 3G-enabled tablet or not?

[Via: Unwired View]

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