ASUS Transformer Prime TF700, the one with the high resolution screen, isn’t shipping until the summer

Late last year ASUS announced the Transformer Prime, the first Android tablet to use NVIDIA’s new quad core Tegra 3 chip. They said it would ship before Christmas, and it did … but in numbers so small that you can’t really say that it sold in any significant volume. What’s holding things up? Some folks are blaming NVIDIA, but we honestly think that ASUS just wants to wait until they can ship their customers the Transformer Prime with Android Ice Cream Sandwich onboard instead of Honeycomb. The few people who were lucky enough to get the Prime before everyone else soon discovered that their WiFi performance was flaky and that they couldn’t get a GPS signal no matter how hard they tried. To make matters worse ASUS announced a new Transformer Prime, the TF700, less than two weeks after said customers received their now outdated 2011 Transformer Prime.

Technology moves fast, we get that, but obsoleting a product less than a month after you start shipping it? Seriously? This new Prime looks a lot like the old Prime, except that is has a higher resolution 1920 x 1200 pixel screen and a redesigned back panel that fixes the WiFi and GPS issues people were having with the original model. We know it’s going to cost around $600 because that sharp screen comes at a premium, but what about the most important piece of information: When is this damn thing actually going to ship? According to the official ASUS UK blog:

“In relation to the recently-announced TF700 model, this product is unlikely to be available in the UK before June at the earliest and no pricing details have been announced.”

Now the UK isn’t the rest of the world, obviously, but it’s usually a country that gets first dibs on pretty much any new piece of consumer electronics gear that comes out, so that should tell you something. By June the iPad 3 will most certainly be out, so will people even care about the Transformer Prime anymore?

  • Sleepnumber

    No Stefan, we will do what you apparently wish and spend our money with Apple. We should all just sign lifetime pacts with Apple and their iTunes program and follow whichever way Apple decides to pull us. The only control we should have over our phones or tablets is what Apple will allow. How dare us to think once we buy a device we can do what we want with it! Every program installed MUST go through iTunes! To do otherwise would cut Apple out of making a buck. We have to have a closed platform because otherwise we could not be controlled. Besides, Apple knows best what we want, how we want it, and how much we should pay for it. Always remember, Apple, “it just works”! How dare anyone buy a device from a different manufacture and God forbid that device be open sourced. It’s also not right to be able to even touch your battery!
    The new Prime is also to have a slightly larger battery.
    After reading your article last week I sold my new Prime and will wait for the Q2 release. Thank you for the heads up. We in the US hopefully will get the new Prime sooner than our friends across the pond.

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