LetsTalk.com to preload YouMail visual voicemail on Android, BlackBerry phones

LetsTalk.com and YouMail struck a deal that will benefit each of the company’s services — an even exchange, if you will. LetsTalk.com, will soon begin preloading the YouMail visual voicemail service on select Android and BlackBerry devices. In return, the new YouMail online store for phones and accessories will be powered by LetsTalk.com.

Both parties are satisfied with the outcome of the partnership. “LetsTalk.com allows us to quickly offer our customers a compelling buying experience, complementing the  services we develop ourselves with other relevant ones they want,” said YouMail CEO Alex Quilici. Meanwhile, Dave Frame, Chief Marketing Officer at LetsTalk.com commented, “YouMail’s audience is mobile and smartphone savvy, making it the perfect audience to take advantage of our special offers by providing them with the ability to shop online, away from the pressure of retail stores. With YouMail we now have a valuable added bonus for our customers: a state-of-the-art visual voicemail service that’s only one click away.”

YouMail, which hit the 3 million download milestone in November, was in the news recently after T-Mobile sent a complaint to Google that the app was causing “network disruption” and had it pulled from the Android Market. After remaining on the defense, YouMail eventually found a bug causing the issues, and it quickly reappeared in the marketplace.

It’s nice to see a win-win partnership.

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