Rumor: Windows Phone Tango to run on devices with just 256 MB of RAM, add support for folders?

The latest Windows Phones on the market run a version of the OS codenamed Mango. For months we’ve been hearing that during the first half of 2012 we’re going to see a new version of the OS hit the market called Tango, but we haven’t exactly been sure what said new version would bring to the table. The rumors that we’ve been hearing suggest that it’s a lean and mean version of Windows Phone that’s meant to run on low end devices. Last week Lixin Cheng, the CEO of ZTE’s U.S. Division told the folks at AllThingsD that Tango is Microsoft’s “low-end effort” for Windows Phone. This week we have more detailed information from the guys and gals at The Verge, who have sources that say that Tango will enable phone vendors to build devices that run on just 256 MB of RAM; that’s half of what today’s Windows Phones run on. In terms of features, they also say that Tango will add support for folders, something that’s quite useful if you have a start screen that’s painfully long because you like to see a whole bunch of live tiles at once.

What we’re more interested in however is Apollo. That’s the version of Windows Phone slated to hit the market during the second half of this year. It’s supposed to bring the OS up to parity with today’s Android superphones. We’re talking 1280 x 720 pixel resolution screens, NFC, dual core processors, all that jazz. It isn’t that Windows Phone particularly needs such beefy specs to run smoothly, but from a marketing perspective it doesn’t hurt to have a device out on the market that has the same specs as the competition. As for Apollo’s features, we haven’t got the slightest idea what Microsoft has up their sleeve, though we bet it’s going to pair up with Windows 8 beautifully.

  • I would say Tango is absolutely the most important update of all. This opens up the massive market for standard phone users esepcially in poorer countries (which dwarfs the number of smartphone users). If they can get an early foothold in this market their numbers could explode. The price differential is one of the reasons Android did so well so quickly (i.e. tyhey didn’t charge for their OS).

    The silly chase for bigger and bigger specs (all that dual core rubbish) is nothing but headline grabbing and most average users (non techie) couldn’t care less or even understand the benefits (and disadvantages) of a dual core phone.

    The sooner they bring out Tango the better.

  • Gregory C Newman

    Microsoft and Nokia know that for Windows smart phones are to succeed they must sell them to a huge price demography of people. many people will buy a 400$ smart if it works well enough. Many folks in the USA put down Nokia’s 710 Windows smart phone but dig this if you’re not into having a front facing camera, for less than 400$ you can buy a good smart phone with a great built in Navigator and other Apps that will make you happy and it runs Windows phone 7.5 mango as smooth as silk. if Nokia makes an updated 710 with a front facing camera and sells it under 400$ a person would have  a cheap fully featured Windows smart phone. the Nokia 900 may have a better build quality but frankly a lot of People will buy a Nokia 710-A that has front facing camera and save themselves 175 to 200 bucks and still have all that windows metro smart phones has to offer. Nokia and Microsoft can give People a good low cost smart phone if they do it right and that would be good for many people who buy one if the price is right.

  • I cant even imagine how amazing A prepaid Windows Phone would be! All of the Prepaid phones out now have Entry level android phones that suck!

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