AT&T changes 2GB Playstation Vita data plan to 3GB; increases price by $5

The Playstation Vita‘s launch date for the US is officially less than a month away, which means it would be the perfect time for AT&T to make some changes to its data plans even after announcing the plan originally during their CES press conference.

Here’s what the Playstation Vita’s 3G network plan on AT&T looked like before:

  • 250mb of data for $14.99
  • 2GB of data for $25
Pretty straightforward, right? Well, AT&T has decided to make a bit of a tweak to the 2GB data plan. Here’s what AT&T will now be offering when the Vita launches next month:
  • 250mb of data for $14.99
  • 3GB of data for $30
As you can see, it isn’t that big of a price difference and users will get 1GB more data to play with for only $5 more. Just keep in mind that the 3G data plans that AT&T is providing isn’t a must-have in order to enjoy your Vita as it does come with Wi-Fi. Although, if you absolutely must play or access any material online while you’re out and about, these no-contract plans will certainly hit the spot.

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