Notion Ink Adam II announced – Not many take notice

It’s been a while since we’ve heard the name Notion Ink being thrown around but it’s resurfaced with the promise of the Adam II. No real details for the upcoming tablet have been released, other than the fact that the Indian company has partnered with Texas Instruments to run the show and that the device will ship with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

Before the original Adam was released, I was very intrigued by the tablet’s capabilities and wanted one as soon as I could get Notion Ink to take my money. Then we saw the unique custom user interface, Eden. The UI looked promising but it ended up being quite the mess. That, and other issues with updates that caused the tablet to brick itself just weren’t making the tablet all it was cracked up to be.

Luckily, like a movie that was ultimately disappointing at the box office but made enough to warrant a sequel, Notion Ink is bringing the Adam II to market. Whether or not the device will sport an optional Pixel Qi display like the original or just be a run of the mill tablet is still in question but we’d imagine that Notion Ink has learned a lot from the launch of its first tablet.

The original Adam seemed full of promise but turned out to be a standard Android tablet with a cool screen and crappy UI. Whatever the company brings to the table with this upcoming tablet should at very least be quite the upgrade from its predecessor, and that’s got to count for something. Maybe. Hopefully. We’ll see.

Would you consider grabbing a tablet from Notion Ink or would you rather wait and see what other companies will be bringing to the table in the coming months? Would you prefer a Tegra 3 SoC in your next tablet or would you opt for TI’s offerings?

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  • starf1

    No never

    • billybob

       I got sucked in on the hype and got Adam 1… would I but Adam 2, not a chance!

      • ATUL malhotra

         Would u buy a car from a start up ?

        A tech products company gets the hang of the market only after a couple or more of failures ( not necessarily tech failures ) Thats why multiple product companies are always doing better , like Samsung and Apple. NI Adam wasnt necessarily a bad product but was killed by overzealous and overhyped marketing strategy . I honestly think they will def do a lot better with the NI ADAM2 . They just need to have 4 -6 versions like Apple does , and reach out to more countries

  • starf1

    No never

  • No

    Anyone who buys the Adam 2, regardless of how amazing it is, is either totally uninformed about Notion Ink or a fool.

    • Anonymous

      ‘Amazing it sounds’ is probably what you meant. If it indeed is amazing, people will go for it. The most important point is, don’t go for it until the device has been reviewed and tested thoroughly by multiple sources/reviewers!

  • Jamar Wilson


  • Boss Nova

    DAMN….I was so pumped for the Adam tablet, and after trying to order and reading all the horrors of the process, I ended up getting the Acer Iconia A500 which is Amazing…..I wish Notion Ink the Best, but I put my name on the line promoting their Tablet on Facebook and Twitter months before it’s release only to not be able to order one myself 🙁

    I hope Texas Instrument’s Processor can hold its weigh because Terga 3 is a beast….Right now The Transformer Prime is at the Top of My List

  • RJ

    Yes. Definitely, if it has – Pixel Qi minus the horrible Eden.

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