launches with $24.95/month unlimited cloud-based streaming service for audio books launches with $24.95/month unlimited cloud-based streaming service for audio books

Don’t know about you, but I’m a big fan of audio books and an subscriber. That said I’m happy to report that another audio book service has opened its virtual doors for business. The name of the company is easy to remember — — and unlike it provides a cloud-based streaming service. Now you may think streaming is bad cause it drains your battery life, while eating previous megabytes from your monthly data allowance, and somewhat I agree with that. However, I guess folks behind the service target users with phone chargers in their home, office and cars, who at the same time are subscribed on an unlimited data plan or at least some with few gigs of data allowance per month.

Price wise, $24.95 per month gets you unlimited service on iOS and Android-based devices with no need to return audio books, no long-term contracts and no time constraints on audio book use. There’s also the ability to resume playback so you can easily continue listening at the same spot after a while…

I like more competition and I still have to try out to have a real opinion. However without some local file caching I doubt I’ll switch from, even though it’s a pain lately to get audio books from it — I have some country specific/book rights problems, but that’s a local issue.

So what do you say? Do you mind streaming your audio books?

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