Motorola to heavily invest in Android ‘smart actions’ in 2012

Motorola says that moving forward in 2012, it will invest in something it calls “smart actions” for Android. These act as prompts to change your settings based on the different things you do with your smartphone and we liked what we saw when this debuted on the Droid Razr.

For instance, if the phone notices you’ve been missing a lot of calls lately, it will recommend you turn up the ringer volume. You can also set modes that kick into gear automatically, like a “Sleep” mode that will put your phone on silent at night or a “Morning” mode that instantly launches a news app when you’re about to start your day.

Options to open apps or turn the ringer volume up or put the phone on silent all existed already, but the new interface makes it easier for users to control and adjust, instead of forcing them to navigate through different layers of the phone’s settings. “You need to be a geek to do that,” proclaimed Alain Mutricy, Senior VP at Motorola — with a little exaggeration, I might add.

Motorola also wants to expand upon the Razr line of Droid smartphones in 2012, and that plan has gone into effect already with the unveiling of the Razr Maxx. As it has proved time and time again, Motorola obviously supports the shift toward large, 4G LTE phones, and it will continue that trend this year as well.

[via AllThingsD]

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