BlackBerry owners are older, wealthier

Surprise, surprise … BlackBerry owners are older and wealthier, according to the latest study conducted by comScore. The study shows that BlackBerry smartphones are occupied of age groups ranging from 35 and above, while folks who are 55 to 64 years of age have the highest ownership index.

Owners of BB devices are wealthier, as the report found they bring in an annual household income of $75,000 and above when compared to the average smartphone user. What was also discovered about these numbers are most users get some or all of their monthly cellular bill covered by their employer (a combined 16.4 percent), which clearly demonstrates the handset maker’s continued focus on business audiences.

That said, everyone knows BB smartphones play a predominate roll with enterprises, so the comScore information shouldn’t surprise anyone as much. However, the research above does illustrate the real problem the Canadian-based company has, as the company slowly becoming irrelevant to younger adults.

The research shows RIM’s handsets are at its lowest when it comes to ownership from youthful customers at the ages 18 to 24. In order for the company to turn it around it needs to innovate, something it hasn’t done for quite a long time. With the ousting of the company’s dual CEO’s, and the hiring of its new leader Thorsten Heins, RIM looks to stay afloat.

[PhoneArena via comScore]


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