Are handset makers delaying launches because of iPhone 4S demand?

I think it’s safe to say that the iPhone 4S was anything but the disappointment some bloggers and analysts originally expected. There’s endless articles on how much of a success Apple’s latest smartphone has been and demand has been so strong, in fact, rumors are now spouting that other handset manufacturers are pushing their phone launches until at least the Q2 2012.

For their sake, hopefully the iPhone hype will cool down a bit by then. According to a report from DigiTimes, vendors from around the globe including Samsung, HTC, Nokia, and LG have pushed their finest new devices further into the year to avoid being slammed with the iPhone effect — that is, millions of people buying Apple handsets while other phone makers struggle to gain any spotlight and therefore any sales.

These four manufacturers all plan to unveil their new devices for 2012 at this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, taking place February 27th to March 1st. Though that is within the first quarter, the companies aren’t expected to start shipping any new devices until later in the year.

I wouldn’t doubt that popular Android and Windows Phone vendors are scared of Apple — they should be. Apple reported it sold 37 million iPhones last quarter and brought in $46 billion in revenue. There’s plenty of reasons to fear a company that sells 37 million of any gadget within three months.

[via DigiTimes]

  • I’d question the fact that the iPhone was anything more than the disappointment bloggers and analysts say it was. Demand might be higher than we all expected but that could partially be due to the fact its the last Jobs’ headed device on the market. There could be other factors as well. Second to that, citing the supply issue as a reason to mark it as a success is hardly valid. It could be demand has slowed more than supply, after all other manuf. like Samsung showed high growth rates.

    As to manufactures delaying products, I think it could merely be a case of them finally addressing some of the concerns voiced by users about fragmentation and the over abundance of products on the market. Its disheartening to consumers to see companies like HTC push out new phones every couple months. It makes it tough for them to keep up with the latest greatest on the market. Especially with the slow releases of updated OSs.

    I’m sure the “Apple affect” is real, but it wouldn’t play out well if they delayed to the point that iPhone 5 rumors begin to heat up again. That would make the whole delay counterproductive.

    • I wouldn’t say the 4S was the last device Jobs headed. I’d be willing to bet he was already in charge of projects for iPhones that have yet to come.

      Last paragraph is spot on.

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