Waze 3.0 lands on Android with a gorgeous UI

Waze has brought its 3.0 version to Android and this features a much cleaners user interface as well as a few new features.

We’ve covered Waze multiple times before because we believe it’s a great way to get free traffic reports on your smartphone. The app and service crowd sources traffic data and it has been delivering a good enough product where more than 12 million users are now on Waze.

The Waze 3.0 app for Android brings a minimal UI which focuses on two large buttons on a full screen map. Not only does this make the app look better, it’s more functional than previous versions. With this and the recently-released AirBnB Android app, it’s starting to look like developers are starting to get the hang of making Android apps look good.

Along with the refreshed UI and the social traffic information, Waze 3.0 for Android brings point-of-interest integration with Yelp and Foursquare. Here’s a quick teaser video and you can download Waze 3.0 for Android here (Android Market link).

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