Humble Bundle now available for Android

Mac and PC users are probably familiar with the Humble Bundle. It’s a series of game bundles sold online using a donation-based system. You pay what you want, and a portion of the funds are given to the Child’s Play Charity or the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Previous bundles include popular indie and mainstream titles like World of Goo by 2D Boy and Shadowgrounds from Frozenbyte. They are also multi-platform and run on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and now Android.

The current Humble Bundle for Android includes Anomaly: Warzone Earth, Osmos, and EDGE. With a purchase, you also get the Windows, Mac and Linux versions of these apps. If you pay more than the average price (which is sitting at $5.94), the Humble Bundle folks will throw in a free copy of World of Goo. You have 13 more days to pick up this current bundle, but why delay? A donation of more than $6 will get you four excellent games and send some money to two worthy charities.

[Via The Humble Bundle and Android Central]

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