Apple iPad 3 could land in March

It’s a new year, so we can expect Apple to bring out a new iPhone and iPad by the end of 2012. While the iPhone rumors are still starting to percolate, a new rumor suggests the iPad 3 will be available in March after a “strange” media event in February.

The timing of this makes sense, as the iPad 2 was released in March of last year (check out our unboxing of the iPad 2 on the streets of SXSW). We expect the next iPad to have a Retina Display, a quad-core A6 processor, improved cameras and more. I never personally upgraded my iPad to the second version because I felt the specs bump and cameras weren’t worth it but I’d be happy to pick up the iPad 3 the minute it’s available.

The rumor talks about a “strange” or unusual media event in February to announce it and I have absolutely no idea what that means. Sadly, there is no Steve Jobs to introduce the next iPad and it’s unclear how comfortable Tim Cook is with these types of media events – remember, he wasn’t the one showing off the iPhone 4S. Still, I’m not expecting Apple to mess up this introduction at all, as it’s clearly in the pole position in the tablet market and the iPad 3 should help to continue that.

[Via Macrumors]

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