RIM unleashes its ‘Be Bold’ video campaign

BlackBerry Be Bold campaign

Research In Motion has pushed out a few new “Be Bold” video ads and these are fine but it’s going to take a lot more for its new CEO to help turn the ship around.

We believe that RIM’s turnaround will rely on it bringing out high-quality hardware, as well as software that’s comparable to iOS and Android. The products, apps and content ecosystem are going to be very important but let’s not forget how big a role marketing can play. Apple’s design and software led to its amazing financial success but it has also been masterful with creating ads that connect with consumers on deep levels.

RIM has never been a good marketing company, probably because it never had to be. For a long time, its customers were carriers and businesses who didn’t care about a flashy or quirky ad but it’s a different story nowadays. I think RIM is getting much, much better in the marketing department but it still has a long way to go.

[Hat tip to BGR]

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