Dropbox promotes 5GB of free photo storage, feels pressure from iCloud?

Dropbox announced it’s giving away up to 5GB of free storage to those willing to participate in a bit of an experiment. A Dropbox team member posted in the Dropbox forum about a new build of the software with improvements for automatic uploading of photos and videos as a priority. As a reward for helping the team test out this beta release, for each 500MB of photos or videos a user imports, that user will receive an additional 500MB of storage credited to their account. The free storage maxes out at 5GB.

Is Dropbox feeling the pressure from Apple’s iCloud syncing service? Apple provides each user with 5GB of free storage and that’s all for just documents, backups, and data. iTunes content and your Photo Stream library don’t count toward the free 5GB in iCloud. Especially with Photo Stream, which syncs your photos across all iOS devices and your Mac or PC, users don’t need alternatives anymore. I’m sure Dropbox had this in mind when it decided to give beta testers free storage for syncing photos.

I’m a Dropbox user and I recommend the service wholeheartedly, but I must say since iCloud became available, I’ve stopped using it significantly. It’s no longer necessary for photos at all. The only thing I use it for is syncing documents across devices. iCloud does that too, but not well since iWork ’09 doesn’t support syncing. If a newer version of iWork comes out and presumably supports iCloud, Dropbox could be in an even deeper hole.

Are you a loyal Dropbox user or is iCloud adequate for your needs? Be sure to weigh in below in the comments.

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  • Alex Murphy

    Can someone answer why the author only mentions iCloud in comparison to Dropbox? Is this article under the “Apple” section? 

    I’m just curious, because Google’s cloud services are a much larger competitor to Dropbox than iCloud is, with far more functionality and features. And there’s is NO storage limit for documents or photos that are auto-uploaded using G+. I mean I’m sure iCloud is awesome if you’re completely in the Apple ecosystem, but most people are not. 

    • Google doesn’t have a cloud service for photos. The only service it does have is Picasa, which is hard to access from mobile devices.

      •  Hard? All android devices have integrated support for Picasa. And iPhone, WP7 devices also have appropriate applications.

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