EA’s Madden NFL 12 on sale for Super Bowl weekend

Great news for you football lovers out there, as EA Mobile has lowered the price of Madden NFL 12 to 99 cents to celebrate America’s biggest game. Android users will be able to get their hands on this game at a $4 discount compared to the normal price, so if you’re a fan of Madden, it may be in your best interest to snatch up the game before the sale ends.

Speaking from experience, most of EA’s Android games don’t compare to the iOS versions. Madden on Android isn’t awful but it still has many flaws that are hard to ignore. The fact that it has confusing and cumbersome player controls, sucks up lots of data, and carries bugs that prevent many users from downloading the game’s content after their initial purchase is weird. If you don’t believe what I’m saying just read the user reviews on the Android Market page.

However, I’d say it’s still worth the 99 cent sale price, but if you’re the frugal type, then you should check out the free NFL Pro 2012 from Gameloft. The NFL Pro game has a better review rating than Madden 2012, just saying, try it out before you spend your hard-earned money.

You can download Madden 12 for iOS here (iTunes link) and the Android Market version can be found here.

[via Androidandme]

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