Apple expands its Australian lawsuit against Samsung

Apple turned up the heat on Samsung in Australia when it expanded its patent and trademark lawsuit to include 278 new infringement claims covering 22 patents and ten devices (some unreleased). This is a significant increase from the original lawsuit which targeted only the Galaxy Tab 10.1  and included with a handful of patent infringement claims. If the court grants Apple an injunction based on these new claims, it  potentially could prevent Samsung from selling any Android device in the land down under.

Samsung and Apple are embroiled in a heated legal battle that began in August of 2011. Apple scored a victory when it was granted an injunction that banned the sale of the Galaxy Tab. Samsung Australia appealed this injunction and a court overturned the ruling in mid-December. Samsung resumed sales of the device and flaunted its victory by launching an advertising campaign proclaiming the Galaxy Tab was “the tablet Apple tried to stop.”

[Via The Next Web and Shutterstock]


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