Norton Safety Minder for Android keeps kids safe, monitored

Norton Safety Minder for Android keeps kids safe, monitored

Norton is out with a new mobile app for Android smartphones – Norton Safety Minder, allowing parents to keep track of what their kids are doing on their mobile phones through Norton Online Family.

Although the application itself is free to download, Norton Online Family does come with a price tag, offering such benefits to the Norton Safety Minder users as:

  • Ability to track who kids have been exchanging text and MMS messages with and check their contact lists.
  • White and black list creation tool with approved and not-approved friends, respectively.
  • See all the apps kids install and uninstall on their Android phone

The cool thing is that Norton Safety Minder doesn’t act as a “spy tool.” Rather, kids will see an app icon on their mobile and apparently this approach will encourage “open conversation between parents and their kids” about the importance of online safety. Not sure that will work, but what do I know.

Norton Safety Minder (FREE) [Android Market link]

  • Bstringy

    Who feels like looking up the monthly fee?

  • auroch68

    as admin you can’t even stop it on your mobile , don’t have any option to manage who is using your android so when you apply it for a child you lock your self. crap crap crap and I can’t find how to remove it!

  • PBX

    Good news for parents and a bad news for the kids. But for me this is a great idea if you really want to check or make sure that your kids are safe in using the advance technologies.

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