Sprint to unveil early upgrade buyout program

Sprint to unveil early upgrade buyout program

Sprint will soon launch the early upgrade buyout program that will be known as “Upgrade Now.” Set to run from 2/12/12 – 4/14/12, it will allow select Sprint customers to buy their way out of their contract in exchange for an early upgrade. Aside from the applicable Upgrade Now fee, the customer will also need to commit to a new two-year contract.

Not all customers will be able to take advantage of this offer. Among those that are not eligible are customers that have upgraded less than 8 months ago, corporate accounts, customers in collections, airave and tablet accounts, and those with iDEN devices.

The Upgrade Now fee will be based on the remaining term of the account holder’s contract. For instance, customers that have upgraded devices between 9-11 months ago would have an early upgrade fee of $165; those that have upgraded between 12-14 months ago will have to pay $125; between 15-17 months ago – $95; between 18-21 months ago – $55; and finally customers with anything beyond that period will have to pay the standard $36 upgrade fee.

It is said that the offer will be available at Sprint stores only, after a customer’s account has been reviewed by a corporate store rep…

[Via: SprintFeed]

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