How often do teens text? A lot [Infographic]

If you know anything about teens today, you know that they text … a lot. Many of them abhor phone calls and even think that e-mails are old-fashioned when compared to texts or instant messaging, so OnlineSchools put together a neat infographic which helps you put into perspective just how much these young’ins text.

Some of the things which jump out to me is that female teens generally text more than males, although both send a ton of texts per month. On average, female teens send 3,952 texts a month while males send 2,815 texts. It’s no wonder that the texting champions are always teens.

The other thing which caught my eye is that the 18-24 year age group chose Android significantly over Apple. This could be due to the fact that Android offers many more choices for handsets including deices with a physical QWERTY keyboard. Of course, it could also be that some in this demographic may still be on a parent’s plan, so they may have to settle for whatever device their parents decide (Android devices can be much cheaper than iPhones).

Check it out for yourself and let us know what you think.

Teenagers and cell phones

[Main image via Shutterstock, James Flint]

  • True! This is mainly because teenagers have lots of free time compared to adults.

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