Scalado Remove app could help you take perfect pictures

Even with all the great camera phones out there, it’s simple to have your shots ruined by people in the background photobombing your pictures (even if it’s by accident). Well, the folks at Scalado are teasing an app which will let you remove unwanted objects within the frame.

Dubbed Scalado Remove, the app uses optical removal software to let you remove objects in the frame with a tap of the finger. It does this by taking multiple shots in rapid succession, building a composite image and then letting you decide what stays and what should go. The company is promising to show off the Scalado Remove software in depth at Mobile World Congress but the teaser video below shows us some of its potential.

Judging from the video, we expect this to come to Android first but the company hasn’t given us a time table on when we can actually see it land in the wild. It’s still an interesting idea and I can’t wait to play with it at Mobile World Congress.

[Via Scalado]

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