Apple iPad market share in South Korea estimated to be between 70% and 80%

South Korea, the country that Samsung and LG call home, apparently doesn’t care about either of those two companies’ Android tablets. According to The Korea Herald, sales of Apple’s iPad recently surpassed 1 million units, which to put into some perspective, means Apple owns somewhere between 70% to 80% of the tablet market in that country. Assuming that 75% is the real figure, that would mean Samsung’s and LG’s combined tablet sales don’t even add up to 350,000 units. Kind of pathetic when you think about it, but then again we’ve played with Android and we can see why it’s struggling in the market. Now all that being said, let us remind you that we filed a report a little over a week ago that said Samsung managed to sell over 700,000 Galaxy Note units in South Korea. Would you classify that 5.3 inch device as a smartphone or a tablet? If it’s a tablet, then Samsung’s proven that South Koreans have an appetite for devices that are smaller than Apple’s 9.7 inch iPad. If it’s a phone … seriously, don’t call it a phone. Just don’t.

Looking at the tablet market in general, what does 2012 have in store? By the end of next month the iPad 3 will be out on the market, and if the rumored spec sheet is real then expect to see a million units sold in less than a week. Then in June we’re supposed to see the next version of Google Android, which will hopefully be even more tablet optimized. Around that time we’re also expecting Amazon to start selling the Kindle Fire outside the United States. And then finally there’s Microsoft, who should be bringing Windows 8 on ARM to market by September or October. They’re going to be a little bit late to the game, but their solution promises to be the most flexible of all.

[Via: Boy Genius Report]



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