German court rules against Motorola in Apple swipe to unlock lawsuit

Motorola was dealt a major setback today when a German court ruled that most of Motorola’s products infringe on Apple’s slide to unlock patent. This patent covers the process of swiping on an image to unlock a device.

According to a report at FOSS patents, the ruling is a permanent injunction that Apple could choose to enforce. Motorola has the right to appeal and told the BBC that it will pursue this course of action. It also said the decision will have no impact on future supply or sales. Motorola claims it has implemented a new slide-to-unlock design that will circumnavigate Apple’s patent.

Despite Motorola’s confidence. Florian Mueller of FOSS Patents calls this decision a “very significant win for Apple against Android”. Though this ruling only affects Motorola in Germany, Mueller points out that Apple is also using this patent against Samsung in another German case. A win against Motorola could result in a win against Samsung and embolden Apple to use this patent against other manufacturers.

[Via FOSS Patents and BBC]




  • Anonymous

    Love apples products, can’t stand their business practices…”swipe to unlock”…gimme a break!

  • Yet another showing of how flawed the patent system is world wide. I understand patenting ideas based on actually technology or the creation of new code. But this has been shown to have been implemented elsewhere before Apple came along. Heck this is really no different from using an “input device” to to unlock any electronic device. A patent which AFAIK Apple doesn’t hold. Even using an input device to “swipe to unlock”.

    I’ll give Apple credit though, they do have a magical team of patent writers that use minor semantics, great wording and well thought out tweaks to get things done their way.

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