Proview wants $2 billion from Apple

Well, the battle between Apple and Proview over the iPad name continues, as the Chinese-based manufacturer seeks up to $2 billion from the maker of all iProducts. The company originally planned to get millions from the iPad maker, now it wants billions as it prepares to sue Apple in the U.S. to collect what it feels it’s owed.

Li Su, a Representative of Proview’s creditors said: “Right now we are selecting from three American law firms to sue Apple in the United States for $2 billion in compensation.” Proview is hell-bent on getting Apple to shell out a couple of billions from its already overflowing war chest of dollars. The company reiterates its not trying to extort Apple for more dough, but only holding Apple accountable for breaching its iPad trademark deal. “We own the iPad trademark in China.” Proview CEO Yang Rongshan continued saying, “If you were in my position … you would try to protect your rights.”

That last part of the quote sounds so sketchy to me. The way I read this is, hey: “If you were a struggling company like us and had a chance to swindle billions, you’d do it too?” And in that case, they’re probably right. Proview’s strategy of throwing something on the wall and hoping for it to stick, will more than likely fail. Apple will fight to the death in trying to exonerate themselves from any wrong doing, as the company feels it acquired the iPad trademark fair and square from Proview several years ago, which they have a point.

I don’t know about you but these trademark/patent battles have become extremely silly, what do you think?

[via AllThingsD]

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