Nokia 305 and Lumia 610 spotted in Indonesia, the latter runs Tango and is hitting the UK

Next week we’re going to see Nokia unveil a handful of new devices at Mobile World Congress. Several days ago we reported on a rumor that said Nokia’s lineup might consist of three smartphones: the Lumia 910, Lumia 610, and PureView 808; and three feature phones: the Asha 202, Asha 203, and Asha 302. The Lumia 910 is supposed to be the Lumia 900 that’s going to launch in America next month on AT&T, but without 4G LTE and an improved 12 megapixel camera. The Lumia 610 is supposed to be a Windows Phone Tango device, more on that later. The PureView 808 is set to be Nokia’s flagship imaging device running Symbian Belle. And as for the Ashas … they’re feature phones, so really, do you care? Now we don’t have confirmation for any of these devices, but a recent article on The Verge shows that the Lumia 610 and a device called the Nokia 305 are indeed real. They’ve passed certification in Indonesia, which has something equivalent to the American FCC.

According to the folks at TechRadar, the Lumia 610 will launch in the UK as a prepaid device and will run Microsoft’s as yet to be announced version of Windows Phone called Tango. Tango is supposed to run on devices with just 256 MB of RAM, it’ll support screen resolutions lower than today’s Windows Phone standard of 800 x 480 pixels, and anything running Tango will not be able to have a camera than can shoot photos larger than 3 megapixels. Considering the Lumia 710 is already 200 British pounds ($315) on the prepaid market, how much cheaper can the Lumia 610 be for Nokia to still earn a profit on it? The folks at LiveSide say the Lumia 610 will have dual band GSM/EDGE, 2100 MHz 3G, and WiFi, which is a huge change from the current Lumia models that have quad band GSM/EDGE and quad band 3G. Note that the Canadian variant of the Lumia 710 even has pentaband 3G!

We could speculate about the Asha refresh, but let’s just wait. Seven days isn’t that much.

[Image Credit: Business Insider]

  • Observer

    Wake up, it is NOT Lumia 610, it is Nokia 610. There is a difference, you know…

    • We’ll see.

    • Anonymous

      ALL that it matters is that its going to be running Windows Phone 7 OS, which means it will be snappy, smooth and extremely stable like all Windows Phones!

  • Lumia has very very poor batterytime. I think wp7 is dead as KIN.

  • Wp7 its a big joke. No apps and no games

  • Aaa

    We gonna see bunch of great feature phones. All of theme are gonna to be very popular. Two of them blong to 2xx line, but there is going to be also 3xx sisters. Name is not important, the most important is price, which is gonna be AWSOME for all unique specs!!!!

  • Allistair

    I live in Langley, BC,Canada.
    I am a Nokia user, and I am really looking forward to the launch of the Lumia 900. So as an expert, am I making the right choice or should I go for the I Phone 4S.

    • Anonymous

      Definitely Lumia 900, that phone is a beauty! And offeres better technologies that iPhone 4S doesn’t have.

  • lumia 610 and the hole lumia series is beautiful and with the name of Nokia it become very productive series. 

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