Viggle app pays users to watch TV

Calling all couch potatoes! Viggle is a new app for iPhone and iPod touch that actually pays you to watch television. The app determines what you are watching when you put your iOS device up to the TV and then gives you points to accumulate and unlock rewards.

Viggle works similarly to IntoNow, an app acquired by Yahoo last year that uses the microphone on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad to listen in on the TV show or movie and share what you are watching with friends. Viggle utilizes similar technology and does have basic integration with Facebook and Twitter but it instead of focusing on social aspects. Telling Viggle what you’re watching is for your own personal gain.

Once Viggle knows what you’re watching, it rewards you with a certain number of points for each minute you watch. When you get enough points over time, you can redeem them in the Rewards section of the app. Some of the prizes include a $5 gift card to Burger King, Best Buy, or iTunes, a $10 gift card to places like Sephora, or a movie ticket courtesy of Fandango.

Does this all sound too good to be true? Well, there is a bit of a catch. The minimum amount of points needed to redeem a reward on Viggle is 7,500 and it apparently takes a very long time to get there — think 60 hours of television-watching. Bonus points can be acquired by tagging live TV shows, special events, or watching ads within the app, but I have to wonder if all this work is worth it for a measly $5 gift card.

That said, Viggle is a dream come true for ultimate television enthusiasts. The app is free in the iOS App Store.

[via The Mac Observer]

  • Anonymous

    It only takes 5 days of moderate TV watching to get 7500 points. And you barely even have to try to earn points — just open the app, hit a button, then press another button, and that’s it. You just have to do it again when you start watching a new show, which is usually only every 30-60 minutes. Even the laziest person won’t have trouble with this.

    • Miniemaneka

      like me a lazy person

  • Swnoland

    I’ve gotten four $5 gift certifcates in about a week and a half.  It isn’t that hard to do at all.  
    Click a button or two.   To be honest, I don’t even always watch the tv show after I check in to a show using Viggle.   The app doesn’t know if I stay on the show or go take a shower!

  • Bob

    i love Viggle!  its really opened my eyes to new shows.

  • Lisa

      I used to hate commercials, now I love them! 

  • Melissa

       In the old days, television shows would get paid when I watched the commercials, now I get paid!!!!!  
         I love it!!!!

  • Melissa

       In the old days, television shows would get paid when I watched the commercials, now I get paid!!!!!  
         I love it!!!!

  • is this coming to Droid? Or is there another way to have this? 

  • Anonymous

    i have an androide i want to  be in these great deals like burgerking and every thing that you offer by watching tv thank you very much

  • love this app, got 2 $10 itunes gift card, on first 3 days using the app, 5000 more points till my 3rd one, and i trade in my points for my 2nd gift card yesterday, love this app so much, and im not hacking, or cheating if any of you think i am, im just boss with these kind of apps (there is a strategy in every app like this, in viggle`s case, a secret that does not involve television at all, contained in the app itself)

    • nvm, wrong post please flag as spam, supposed to be for another app 

  • MLD

    LOL Now I love commercials too

  • Loyal

    this app sucks
    it cuts you you off for no reson

    • anon

      cuts you off how? it’s an awesome app you’re probably using it wrong

  • anon

    it is coming out to android next month 

  • This app is amazing.During a boring work day, I watch the little videos on the app and earn 300+ points a day just doing that. In less than two months, I’ve earned $50 in Lowes gift cards.

  • Lizkimller1985

    viggle author…you need more serious homework. this app adds your points,then deducts some.youd really have to keep an eye on your points! and plus, what happened to the super 50,60,75 point commercials.why are they gone? and why even bother posting up the 15pts commercials. this is not a Major complaint,its just a simple way of expressing myself towards this app.

  • Longing4you10

    is this only for a phone

  • Smhudd44

    It use to be only 7,500 for a $5.00 gift card, now it’s been raised to 9,000!!!  Guess too many are reaping the benefits of this program.

  • guest

    how to you edit an email address on viggle.  I accidentally typed it in wrong when I registered,  now I want to redeem and I can’t until I change it.

  • EileenF

    This started out as a great deal, now it’s just okay.  You keep increasing the limits and taking away the best rewards.  Please bring back Amazaon and keep it.  It’s the only one I work for. Why  did you take away all our bonus commercials?  It was fun, now it’s work.

  • annamamma

    I got my kindle fire hd. now I can’t get viggle on it . heeeelllllp!

  • Torust990

    This app is GREAT for anyone that sits and watches MLB network or NFL network a lot like myself when bored. You don’t have to check in every show (because most of the shows on those channels are on for 3 or 4 hours) and you can get easy points just for sitting around watching sports talk.

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