With Twilio SDK, iPhone apps may become more chatty

We’re big fans of Twilio here at IntoMobile because we believe its communication platform enables a new class of innovative apps. Well, expect that to continue as the company is releasing an iOS SDK which will make it easy for app developers to enable their apps to make calls.

Twilio essentially does the hard lifting when it comes to connecting to the communication backends for voice and texts and the goal is to enable software developers to focus on other areas. Twilio already has a success story with Groupme: it used the Twilio platform to build its group messaging service on top and it was recently purchased by Skype.

The Twilio Client for iOS brings this concept to native apps on Apple’s top-selling devices and the goal is to make communication as simple as possible. With this, iOS developers can bring calling to any iOS device that has a data connection, including an iPad or iPod touch. Twilio pointed out that this can also be a boon for enterprises because this allows companies to create apps which have robust communication but the devices won’t necessarily require a traditional voice plan.

It will be interesting to see what developers do with this because it also allows for tap-to-call functionality and it also works with analytics. Moving forward, Twilio told me that it sees itself as an enabler of communication, so look forward to it providing other services beyond voice, text and VoIP down the road.

If you’re a developer interested in the Twilio Client for iOS, you can check out this link and the company says an Android version is already being tested in private beta, so expect it to be available relatively soon.

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