Samsung Learning Hub coming to tablets, smartphones

Samsung Learning Hub coming to tablets, smartphones

Samsung knows great hardware is just one part of the equation. They keep investing in software and services, and in that sense they’re already offering a number of Hubs, such as Social Hub and Gaming Hub. Their latest gig is called Learning Hub and initially it will be available for the Galaxy Tab 8.9 and Galaxy Tab 10.1, though we’re sure other tablets and smartphones will get it soon, as well.

Using the new application, users will be able to access some 6,000 textbooks and video lectures from 30 different content providers, which [content] are catered toward all ages. Furthermore, the Learning Hub will also add some interactivity to enable self-learning with automatic scoring and note correction.

All this will be available free of charge, and demoed during next week’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. We’ll see if we can try it out and get back to you with our thoughts and some hands-on photos. Stay tuned…

[Via: SammyHub]

  • #dead can Samsung make something on their own without stealing it from Apple?!? it’s so pathetic

    • Nicholas Yunker

       Except Apple’s version is not free.  They are just making text books available through iTunes

  • Anonymous

    Sometimes you really jsut have to ask, WHos your Daddy lol.
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