Hands-on: HTC One S at Mobile World Congress 2012 [Video]

While the HTC One X is making me drool all over my keyboard, the company’s One S is still a lust-worthy device, even if it’s a slight step down in power from the X. We got a chance to see a little demonstration of it, so check it out.

The One S will be coming to T-Mobile and it brings a dual-core processor, fantastic 8-megapixel camera and an ultra-slim frame to the table. The backing is made of aluminum but HTC put it through a special process which makes it feel very soft in your hand. I mean that in a good way – it’s sturdy but feels light in your clutches.

The One S will sport the latest version of Sense built on top of Android 4.0 and it brings that visual panache HTC is known for to Android. We dig the deep Dropbox integration and some of the other neat smaller features which we’ll likely notice once we’ve spent longer time with it. The 4.3-inch screen looks pretty darn crisp and you can expect all the goodies inside which normally come with a device of this class.

This handset looks to be a great pickup for T-Mobile, so we can’t wait to get our hands on the retail version.

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