SIMply NFC-Revolution is an NFC-enabled SIM card

SIMply NFC-Revolution is an NFC-enabled SIM card

Morpho and INSIDE Secure have team-up to launch a first product that has the potential to bring NFC functionality to the mass market, reaching even those users who don’t have the latest smartphones. The new “SIMply NFC-Revolution” product incorporates INSIDE’s core NFC chip technology with SIM technology from Morpho and the end result is an NFC-enabled SIM card!

According to the press release we got, this is a better bridge solution than flexible antennas or contactless stickers since no external change or retrofit of a mobile device is required. All it takes is to pull out your existing SIM card and replace it with the new one, which will work even in disruptive environments (i.e. under the mobile phone’s battery).

I like the idea and can only hope major carrier groups will jump on board and start offering SIMply NFC-Revolution to their customers, eventually bringing the promises of contactless payments and contactless ticketing to life…

  • Angus Pohl

    Morpho and Insided are not telling the whole truth – this product only works in some handsets where they can access additional power where the handset maker have not limited the power supply to the sim card according to industry standards. It further more can only do Card Emulation mode where it uses a combination of the reader’s power supply and the internal power supply from the non-standard handset.

  • Peter

    In the ideal world, this would be a great idea.

    Even in non-standard handset that do not limit the voltage ( which I doubt existed) , the RF performance over different battery, back cover as well as phone form factors would make performance rather un-predictable. Commercial deployment would be tricky and likely frustratiing to the end -user experience.

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