Sonic 4: Episode II for Android running at 720p on NVIDIA Tegra 3 devices

SEGA announced in late December Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Episode II was going to be released on multiple gaming platforms, with an iOS & Android version expected in the mix. They also announced a partnership with NVIDIA to fully support Tegra devices at launch, especially NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 chip. It looks like SEGA has gone above and beyond just merely supporting Tegra devices as NVIDIA is announcing we can expect Sonic 4: Episode II to run at a full 720p resolution on supported devices.

You read right – 720p on your supported Tegra 3 device. As of now, NVIDIA has not revealed which devices will receive 720p support in Sonic 4: Episode II, but I’m sure they’ll reveal that bit of information when we get closer to the launch of Sonic 4: Episode II. For now, NVIDIA has released a trailer showcasing the game in 720p which is embedded below, and it looks really good.

If SEGA can achieve 720p on Android devices powered by Tegra 3, I’m curious to hear if SEGA will also deliver that kind of quality in either the iPad 3 or next iPhone seeing as Apple might be working on an A5x and A6 chip¬†that could possibly deliver better quality graphics. Either way, having a game run in 720p on a mobile device is certainly exciting and has me looking forward to the future when full 1080p support for games is possible on our mobile devices.


  • Anonymous

    they can add 720p all they want if they don’t support usb joypad it’s not worth it. I regret having bought Episode I for this reason. If your typical SNES & N64 emulator dev can care to support joypad profiles/settings it’s inexcusable for sega to make it touch only. Using the touchscreen for a game like Sonic is beyond masochism. It would work for the Sonic RPG they made for NDS but not for a fast paced game.

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