Video: ZTE Mifavor UI

ZTE Mifavor UI

Not sure why every handset maker thinks it needs a custom Android UI, but hey – that’s the just the world works these days. Sure there were times when pure Android experience wasn’t good enough, but Ice cream Sandwich pretty much rocks even in its basic form.

ZTE is joining this (crazy?) trend with its Mifavor UI, which looks everything but innovative, borrowing elements from Sammy’s TouchWIZ, HTC’s Sense and even the Apple iOS. Then again, I’m not sure there’s much to be done, with most users appreciating quick access to apps, widgets and key phone functions.

Anyway, Mifavor will come preloaded with the Chinese company’s latest phones, including the Mimosa and Era, and you can see how it looks like from a short video below…

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