How-to: Plan to buy an iPad 3 by selling your iPad

With Apple announcing their press event on March 7th for the iPad 3, we’re sure many of you are planning to sell your current iPad, that is, if you’re not already one of the 120k+ that already traded in their device on eBay. If you’re not planning on handing down your current iPad to a family member or keeping it for nostalgic reasons, why not sell it to lower the cost of the iPad 3 we all know you’re going to buy? Here are some places you can get rid of the old to welcome the new:

  • eBay: Whether you decide to use eBay’s Instant Sale or spin the roulette wheel by selling it through eBay’s auction system, no one can deny eBay is a great place to sell your iPad. As of this writing, you’ll get $275.16 for an iPad 2 if you sell it through Instant Sale via PayPal, while a used iPad 2 is going for $391 by auction.
  • Gazelle: I personally have used Gazelle in the past when I was selling my original iPad to get the iPad 2 and I have to say their service was great. Gazelle pays either through PayPal, Amazon Gift Card, or Check, giving sellers a good amount of options for their sale. As of this writing, an iPad 2 will get you $242 in flawless condition and you’ll also receive packaging to ship your iPad 2.
  • Nextworth: Nextworth, just like Gazelle, will allow you to instantly sell your iPad 2 to their service with very little hassle. As of this writing, Nextworth is offering $286.49 for an iPad 2 in like-new condition. The site offers three payment options: PayPal, check, or Target gift card
  • Glyde: Glyde is a somewhat different service as you don’t automatically put your iPad up for sale. Instead, you’ll be selling it to users of the website in hopes that someone will want to buy your iPad. As of this writing, a 16GB iPad 2 will sell for $288 with a few scratches. Glyde will ship out a package for you to ship out your iPad 2 and will pay by check for a $2.00 fee, or you can link your bank account to your Glyde account for an instant transfer in a couple of days.
  • Craigslist: I’ve never been a fan of selling stuff on craigslist as I’ve always had a suspicion that I’d end up on the evening news for trying to do an honest thing like selling my high-priced tech gadgets to a less than honest person. But, if you’re the kind of person who enjoys the thrill of not knowing if you’ll get stabbed for your iPad or not, then craigslist is the site for you. Just keep in mind that you should probably schedule the meeting with your would-be buyer in a very public place. Maybe in front of a police station? Doing a quick search of craigslist in the NYC area shows there are people who are asking somewhere between $300-$400 for a 16GB iPad 2. Of course, with craigslist, you can ask for straight up cash instead of having to deal with checks.
  • Friends and family: It doesn’t hurt to ask people within your family or social medias if they’re interested in purchasing your iPad from you. They can finally experience an iPad for themselves if they have yet to own one, while you deal with someone you know well and have money to help buy your new iPad. It’s a win/win for everyone.
  • Donate your iPad: This one might not be the most popular angle, but if you have a heart of gold and want to help people who are less privileged, you can always donate your iPad to Computers with Causes. Of course, going down this road won’t get you any money for your iPad, but you will receive a tax deduction, which if you’re a freelancer can certainly help around tax time. Plus, you’ll hopefully feel a warm sensation in your heart knowing you helped someone with your iPad as you wait in line to buy your new iPad.
If you’re thinking about selling your iPad, I would highly recommend you do it before Apple’s announcement next week as the amount you’ll get for your iPad will most likely drop dramatically after the announcement.
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