Review: The Simpsons: Tapped Out – Free-to-Play with a Simpsons spin

Free-to-play time management games seem like they won’t be going away any time soon. I’m not sure if it’s because developers feel they can make a ton of money charging players to speed up processes, or if players love how easy free-to-play games are to play, or a combination of both.

The Simpsons: Tapped Out places all of the characters, locales, and humor you’d expect from a Simpsons game, but puts a free-to-play spin on things by having you take control of rebuilding Springfield back to “normal.” Does Tapped Out bring a unique experience to the free-to-play model or is it just another free-to-play game in an already crowded genre?

The Simpsons: Tapped Out starts off with Homer enjoying a free-to-play game on his myPad while at work at the nuclear power plant. Thanks to his neglect, the power plant explodes and completely wipes Springfield off the map. The player is tasked to rebuild Springfield through a number of missions that involve various characters from The Simpsons cast.

One area of the game I was very pleased with was its execution of offering a genuine Simpsons experience as the voice actors, writers, and artists from the TV show have worked on the game. As I played the game, it felt like I was taking part of a very long episode of The Simpsons as everything in the game was true to its original source material.

The further you progress through Tapped Out, the more Simpsons characters will be made available, which can be used to perform tasks that will reward the player with cash and experience points. Cash can be used to purchase various items like buildings, decorations, and other items. Experience points increases the player’s level, which then unlocks more content and buildings.

As with almost all free-to-play time management games, players are given the option of speeding up the process of nearly everything that requires time to complete through the use of special donuts. Thankfully, EA has made it possible to acquire these special donuts without needing to spend real money through in-app purchases. You can easily spend your cash you’ve acquired through the game to purchase donuts, but if you need your donut fix asap, you can always opt-in to spend money on donuts.

What would a free-to-play game be without any social aspects? Tapped Out allows you to add friends through EA’s Origin platform to a mini-map of other Springfields. When you visit a Springfield, you’re allowed to help your neighbor-eeno by completing tasks for them like collecting income tax on houses and businesses. If you’re feeling mischievous, you can spend your time raising hell in town like spray painting your neighbor’s school.

FINAL THOUGHT: I was skeptical of The Simpsons: Tapped Out and was going to pass it off as another free-to-play cash cow, but after spending some time with the game, I was very pleased with the experience and how true it was to The Simpsons experience. Tapped Out is a treat for fans of free-to-play games and will certainly lure fans of The Simpsons into experiencing a free-to-play game with its humorous writing, original voice actors, and artists.

The Simpsons: Tapped Out is now available for iOS with an Android release coming soon.

The Simpsons: Tapped Out (FREE) – [iTunes Link]

  • Guest

     “You can easily spend your cash you’ve acquired through the game to purchase donuts” – No you can’t?
    Also no mention of the major bugs which allow you to control other peoples Springfields, as well as destroying your own

    • Daniel Perez

      My mistake on the donuts. Before the game was released to the public, I was able to purchase donuts with in-game cash. I guess that was something EA didn’t intend on doing. At least the game allows you to acquire more donuts if you log in to the game daily on the 5th day.

      As for the bugs, during my time playing the game, I didn’t come across any bugs. I definitely would have mentioned them if I would have seen them.

      • CJ

        The game would be cool BUT:  It is bugger than shit.  Every time I enter the game the city has change from how I last left it.  I will loose change.  All of a sudden there will be lakes where there were roads. etc.  Plus everytime I go to the home screen and back into the game it has to restart the app. and it always gives me connection errors.  What a crappy follow through on a otherwise cool game.

      • MaBa

        You are still wrong. The fifth day takes for ever to come and most times it is something stupid like 500 cash. This game would be better if we could get donuts by selling stuff, or having the mystery box every three days. I am close to rating this game a one and say it is supposed to say a 0.1, telling you that this is annoying. I could spend my time on Monsters Ate My Condo. Look it up on the app store. It is made by #~<}<¥*€!^~6)$,!:/. Sorry my computer is screwy and wont let me delete that last comment.

  • Krish-0

    Yeah, I’m thinking of deleting it off of my Iphone after only playing for a day. I love the concept, but EVERY time something happens on my phone (someone calls, text message notification, low battery indicator, etc etc) the app has to re-start and usually doesn’t keep track of a lot of the work I’ve done in the game.

    Brutal execution.

  • Xavier

    Guys,do NOT buy this game,its as shitty as can get! If you are going to get a game like that,get WeRule!  In Tapped Out,if you get a text,low battery indicator,you must wait 10 minutes for the game to reload,and when you get to it,it takes SO long for a house to build,grow Tomacco,and get donuts! Meanwhile,in WeRule,it is very easy to get coins and mojo (its like tapped outs donuts). 

  • hakan

     the app didn´t start after 2 days help?!

  • Pvramzfan

    I tried playing this game on my Ipad and it kept restarting from the beginning after going to another Simpson town so I uninstalled the game and reinstalled it more than twice and finally gave up on it.
    Any advice for continuous play?

  • zoopz

    Hmm have build roads and something els for fun and now i cant del it :S

  • zoopz

    if u can del items like road or something els u have build please let me know how and nice game btv 🙂

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