Nokia’s Lumia 800 was the best selling device in February on Finland’s largest operator

Here in Finland we have three major operators: Elisa, Sonera, and DNA. Elisa has the biggest/best network, Sonera is decent, and DNA is small, but is growing fast. Last month, on the first of February, Nokia’s Lumia 800 finally went on sale in the country that it calls home. At the time I tweeted: “The Lumia 800 launches in Finland today. Looking forward to seeing Elisa publish their monthly “most popular phones” list on March 1st.” Well, it’s March 2nd, and Elisa’s report is online. No surprise here, the Lumia 800 was the most popular device sold in Elisa shops during the month of February. It’s not only number one in sales to retail consumers, but to businesses as well.

Here’s the full list for the retail customers, in descending order:

  1. Nokia Lumia 800
  2. Apple iPhone 4S
  3. Nokia C2-01
  4. Samsung Galaxy Gio
  5. Samsung Galaxy Xcover
  6. Samsung Galaxy S II
  7. Nokia 300
  8. Nokia 500
  9. Nokia C5-00 5MP
  10. Nokia 7230
  11. Samsung Galaxy S+
  12. Nokia Lumia 710
  13. Nokia E7-00
  14. Apple iPhone 4
  15. Nokia N9-00

And the business customers, in descending order:

  1. Nokia Lumia 800
  2. Nokia C2-01
  3. Apple iPhone 4S
  4. Nokia E7-00
  5. Samsung Galaxy Xcover
  6. Nokia C5-00 5MP
  7. Samsung Xcover 271
  8. Samsung Galaxy Gio
  9. Nokia E5-00
  10. Nokia C6-00
  11. Samsung Galaxy S II
  12. Nokia Lumia 710
  13. Nokia E52
  14. Nokia E6-00
  15. Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

While I would have liked to have seen more detailed numbers, as in how many units of each respective device has been sold, this is better than nothing. Just to make things fair, I’d also like to share Verkkokauppa’s list of the most popular selling mobile phones and accessories as of today. Verkkokauppa is Finland’s largest electronics store, with multiple locations all over the country, and their list is relevant because most Finns don’t buy their phone from an operator. Contracts are a relatively new thing, and they’re not exactly popular. Anyway, here’s the list in descending order:

  1. Apple iPhone 4S 16GB White
  2. Apple iPhone 4 8GB White
  3. Apple iPhone 4S 16GB Black
  4. Apple iPhone 4 8GB Black
  5. Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phone Black
  6. Apple iPhone 4S 32GB Black
  7. Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phone Cyan
  8. Samsung Galaxy Xcover (GT-S5690)
  9. Apple iPhone 4S 32GB White
  10. Nokia DC-17

I’ll let you draw your own conclusions.

  • I am rooting for Windows Phone and Nokia…. Amazing OS and great phones.  I’ll be picking up my Lumia 900 once it arrives in Canada!

  • Fanboy article, Nokia has a population of 5000.000 people, 
    Nokia does not manufacture the phones in Finland

  • Wp7 the most boring OS

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