Mobile World Congress 2012: Sony Booth Photo Tour

We may have covered Sony’s new phones earlier in the year at CES 2012 but we decided to snap a few shots of it’s Mobile World Congress booth so you can get a tour of it for yourself. We were hoping to see a bit more from Sony Mobile this year but it looks like it’s pretty happy with where it is in the space, which apparently means that there won’t be a Xperia Play 2 coming out anytime soon.

The booth itself showcased Sony’s new Xperia line, the P, U, and Xperia S. (Xperia PUS, if you will). Of course, a lot of the attention at the Sony booth was geared towards its new portable gaming device, the PS Vita. Other small demos, like DLNA, and other gaming-focused demos were showcased.

Overall, we were expecting to see a little more from Sony during Mobile World Congress this year but it looks like we’re going to have to wait for the big guns to roll out. We wish there were more to Sony’s booth this year but there was a lot that we’ve already seen a hundred times before. So enjoy the few shots we did get below!


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