Rumor: Limbo coming to iOS, Android, WP7

One of the most groundbreaking downloadable titles on XBLA, PSN, PC, and Mac has got to be Playdead’s Limbo as its simplistic gameplay mechanics and graphics delivered an experience that everyone who played it understood and loved from beginning to end. It kept the player guessing what would happen next as it didn’t reveal itself so obviously, and now, it looks as though the game might be making its way to mobile platforms.

The folks over at Destructoid stumbled upon a job listing on Gamasutra from Playdead looking for a developer who is familiar with porting games onto multiple mobile platforms, which we assume means iOS, Android, and WP7 as the front runners to receive a game from Playdead.

If Playdead is thinking about bringing Limbo to mobile platforms, I believe it would be an instant success as the game has such simple gameplay mechanics it could instantly be adapted to touchscreen smartphones with little effort. Let’s just hope Playdead gives us some slack on fighting giant monsters in the mobile version of Limbo.

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