Apple iPad 3 announcement : Meta Liveblog inside! Starts at 9:00 AM PT

It’s that time again, folks. Apple is set to unleash the latest shiny gadget into the world that you’ll be waiting in lines for hours on end at Apple stores to get your own. Of course, that shiny gadget would be the iPad 3. We know you’ll be wanting to get as much information about the new tablet as possible, so we’ll be pulling in pictures, information, and more from blogs that will be there live but we’ll cut the fat and go straight to the good stuff.

There’s quite a bit of speculation surrounding the new iPad, and so far we’re expecting to see a Retina Display, faster processor, Siri support, and more. All that said, we’re sure Apple has quite a few tricks up its sleeve this time around, so sit back and relax and we’ll bring you all the juicy facts for the iPad 3.

The meta liveblog kicks off at 9AM PT, so stay tuned!


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