DROID Incredible 4G hitting Verizon on April 26

DROID Incredible 4G hitting Verizon on April 26

The rumor is that Verizon Wireless will be introducing the next DROID Incredible device on April 26th. Dubbed DROID Incredible 4G, it will most certainly come with LTE connectivity support along with all other Ice Cream Sandwich goodies, such as a solid screen (720p?), Wi-Fi, two cameras, Bluetooth, an array of sensors and most likely a ton of built-in storage.

I never quite understood the appeal of any Incredible smartphone, consider these were not that more affordable than some other, more powerful devices in Verizon’s portfolio. Then again, that’s just a geek in me talking, and not all of us care to have the best phone at any given moment. 😉

Before I let you go let me answer one question you may have – will the Incredible 4G be a global device? We’ve no idea, but we’ll be watching this story closely and get back to you as soon as we hear something new. Stay tuned in the meantime…

[Via: Droid-Life, image from PhoneArena]

  • Junktrunk

    The original DINC was the best phone on VZW when it came out…

    • Jeepnariz

      agree, not sure what he is taking about as the DINC was a huge upgrade over the Droid Eris and far better IMO than the Moto Droid. I still have my DINC which is rooted, overclocked, no bloatware, custom rom, upgraded sense, bigger battery and it still rocks, as fast as some of the newer phones except obviously no 4G but I use wifi 80% of the time anyway when needing internet…will be interested to see the new Inc….

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